Sustainability is a core value at W.Y. and we believe that everyone has an obligation to do their part. We are continually seeking innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint while at the same time develop products that meet our customers’ needs in a sustainable way.


What We're Doing


Energy Efficiency

W.Y. has always committed to participating in green energy programs. We were an early participant in PSE&G’s “Standard Offer” sustainability program, through which we made long-term commitments to invest in and install energy savings measures in order to maintain a sustainable level of electricity usage at our plants. Since moving into our current headquarters in NJ, we have delivered on our commitment with 3 upgrades to our lighting as a part of this program.

Solar Power

We pride ourselves on being a pioneer among our peers in adopting solar energy to power our plants. Early on in 2005, W.Y. Industries was the largest private solar installation in New Jersey. We are proud to be using a 700kW solar array at our North Bergen facility.

Less plastic

We’re constantly on the lookout for new technology that will allow us to reduce our plastic use and lighten our carbon footprint while maintaining the same high bar for quality in our products. In 2019 we invested in new patented (TRIM™) technology that allowed us to re-engineer our bestseller deli container to use less plastic while still maintaining its structural integrity.

Recycled content

We use up to 10% pre-consumer recycled content from unused food-safe material in our products, and the corrugated boxes we use in our packaging are made of between 70% to 100% recycled content. In addition, our injection molding machines run on a closed loop system that saves clean water from needing to be pumped in repeatedly.


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